Trump Rattles Environmental Progression

donaldtrumpWith our newly elected President, Mr.Trump, comes a lot of questions regarding what he will do to better our country. In terms of animal welfare and other regulations set to secure animal rights, a lot of people are concerned about how he will follow up Barack Obama’s road paved to protect animals.Seeing how Trump’s son has a lust for hunting exotic game and his new agriculture advisory committee has members who oppose numerous animal protection policies, it is an unsure and nerve wrecking process.

According to an article by The Washington Post, President Trump has shown his true colors towards animals through his choice of agricultural advisers. The Humane Society Legislative Fund has gone as far as to call the advisers a “rogue gallery of anti-animal welfare activists.” The Washington Post also singled out a member by the name of Forrest Lucas, a billionaire who founded Protect the Harvest, which is an organization that fights against animal rights groups “who want to end meat consumption, halt consumer access to affordable food, eliminate all hunting practices, and outlaw rodeos, circuses and pet ownership.” By founding and supporting Protect the Harvest, Lucas not only is against the fair treatment of animals, but he also doesn’t care or want the citizens of America to know how terribly the food we eat is treated  (or for that matter mistreated) before it is shipped to our stores for our consumption.

In an effort to unite the country as President, Donald Trump has potentially appointed people who are only interested in economic growth, as opposed to previous advisers who were more progressive-minded towards animal rights. By Trump appointing such partisan affiliated individuals, he is augmenting the gap between the opposing sides of animal welfare. From a public relations practitioner viewpoint, I would have advised President Trump to appoint advisers that value progressive ideologies and abridge the gap between the polarized views, especially those of animal welfare.







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