About Me

Hello, my name is Holly Weiss! I am a senior at the University of Oregon majoring in public relations. I am experienced in social media and am currently a brand ambassador while also running the social media platforms for a newly opened store by the name of Bikini Hut. The store is located in Beaverton, Oregon, and sells unique swimwear and accessories. Being the social media coordinator, I get to capture the beauty and aesthetic of each swimsuit featured on their social media pages, as well as write blog posts on the stores blog page.

Not only have I been published for writing blog posts for Bikini Hut but also for the Jewish organization Oregon Hillel. Here, I have written content about Jewish holidays such as the Counting of the Omer and what the values of the holiday mean to me. I also like to include hobbies such as working out and my interest in food and animals into my writing.IMG_6748.JPG

Non-profit organizations are a big passion of mine and I have recently started working at the Greenhill Humane Society. Ever since I was little, animals and animal welfare have always been important to me. This site allows me to mix my UO major of public relations with animal welfare, where I can share my insights and opinions on issues surrounding animal welfare through a public relations lens.